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Tara   Tara.smile.baileybug@gmail.com
05-31-2015 1:13:56 AM CST
Hey Lincolnaire Chorus! I'm your sister from region 8 stopping by and checking out your website! Looks like you have just as much fun as we do on Tuesday nights. Hope to see you soon!

Sandie Caradori   sldori22@windstream.net
09-03-2010 10:37:53 PM CST
I ended up NOT making it to practice on Tuesday. Our OPEN HOUSE at school lasted until 9 p.m. (long day). Is next Tuesday's practice at the regular spot?

Stacie   boominbassgal@aol.com
05-18-2010 12:36:11 PM CST
Glad we're up and running. Still tweaking but will be available soon.